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This wiki installation is running version pmwiki-2.3.13, version number 2003013.

Obtaining the PmWiki version

Use the {$Version} page variable to display the current version of PmWiki.

See the SiteAdmin.Status page for the current version and version number.

For example

This wiki installation is running PmWiki {$Version}, version number {$VersionNum}.
-<The default group is {$DefaultGroup}.
-<The default name is {$DefaultName}.
-<The site group is {$SiteGroup}

This wiki installation is running PmWiki pmwiki-2.3.13, version number 2003013.

The default group is Main.
The default name is HomePage.
The site group is Site

The script version.php contains the declaration of the version number. The file is located on scripts/version.php, relative to PmWiki installation path.

Obtaining recipe versions

The Site Analyzer can be used to display the current version of Cookbook recipes. If you are the administrator, cookbook recipe guidelines recommends that the first couple of lines of a recipe file should contain the recipe version:

  $RecipeInfo['RecipeName']['Version'] = '2017-06-02'; # dates YYYY-MM-DD prefered

See also

This page may have a more recent version on pmwiki.org: PmWiki:Version, and a talk page: PmWiki:Version-Talk.

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